We have always viewed our breeding program as an investment, and not as a cost. Emphasis has been placed in selecting bulls with a great conception rate while improving production, health and type.

Shiloh Dairy LLC works with Select Sires to achieve the breeding goals of high milk production, reproductive success, and cow health. The herd currently has a pregnancy rate of 25% and a conception rate of 43%. In our heifer breeding program, sire calving ease is of paramount importance. We use only high genomic young sires that fit well with our current pedigrees, and meet our mating criteria. The bulls being used at this time are Montross, Ponder, Yoder, Damaris, Bayonet, Delfino, Lousire, and Reflector. We also pick from among the highest genomic bulls also available in the marketplace, which include Lottomax, Pure, and Jacey. New bulls are chosen after each round of proofs.