Shiloh_Feeding_pThe feeding center at Shiloh Dairy consists of a commodity shed with indoor feed mixing.  We utilize Feed Watch for a feeding software program.  Feed watch instructs the feeder via billboard display which ingredients and how much to put into the feed mixer to build a ration, and what pens to deliver it to.  Feed Watch allows us to track inventory of our silage usage, and monitors errors that occur with feeding.  Each morning we weigh the refusals from each pen to make adjustments for the current days feeding.  Currently we mix 20 loads of feed a day.






Shiloh_Feeding_photo 1


The main feed ingredients of our rations are Corn Silage, Alfalfa Haylage, ground corn, distiller grains, gluten feed, cotton seed, molasses  and a custom blended canola meal protein mix.