Livestock Water Recycling – Final Stages!

Livestock Water recycling

LWR, Livestock Water Recycling, is in the final stages of commissioning our new water treatment system.  Turning manure into concentrated nutrients and reusable water and even drinking water, I had tasted and drank the water made from manure, IT WORKS!!!

Shiloh Dairy has the distinction of being the first dairy in Wisconsin to install the revolutionary LWR Manure Treatment System. The LWR System uses a patented water treatment technology that has been specifically designed and manufactured for manure treatment. The 3 component process integrates to eliminate pathogens, concentrate nutrients, and produce an abundant supply of clean, reusable water. This innovative technology recovers 18 million gallons of clean water, 6 million gallons of liquid nutrient concentrate (ammonium sulfate and potassium), and 6,000 – 12,000 tonnes of solid fertilizer (organic nitrogen and phosphorus) from the 30 million gallons of livestock manure that Shiloh Dairy produces annually. The water is used for washing out the barn, watering the livestock, and crop irrigation, and the fertilizer nutrients are strategically applied to crops.  For more information on this leading-edge technology, please visit